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Hyperallergic   Crepax show and Gallery in NYC's art blogazine [6/8/16]  
  Crepax show in Brooklyn's weekly newspaper [3/11/16]  
PANORAMA   NYC Crepax show in Milan's weekly news magazine [3/8/16]  
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Al Jaffee Show is a "Can't Miss" Event! [11/7/14]  
  Interview with Scott Eder / Mighty Q & A  
New York News   Will Eisner's show is a featured listing in The Village Voice [6/12/13]  
  Wall St. Journal features Drew Friedman at Scott Eder Gallery [5/8/12]  
  N.Y. Daily News | Gatecrasher | Drew Friedman show! [4/25/12]  
New York News   Voice Choices chooses Scott Eder Gallery's Drew Friedman show [4/25/12]  
  Observer fave Drew Friedman @ Scott Eder Gallery [4/25/12]  
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  Time Out features Scott Eder Gallery in a Perfect Weekend [Dec. 2011]  
  Gallery mention in Jack Davis interview; The Wall Street Journal [Dec. 2011]  
New York News
  The Village Voice reviews our Hotwire #3 show [Feb. 2010]  
Jim Woodring interviewed on The Dusty Wright Show/ vimeo
Filmed on location @ Scott Eder Gallery!





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