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A R T   B Y   H A R V E Y   K U R T Z M A N
and his

Cartoonist, writer and editor HARVEY KURTZMAN (1924-1993) had an enormous influence on several generations of cartoonists and readers. Kurtzman created the
"Hey Look!" humor pages for Stan Lee/Marvel Comics in the 1940s, but he is best known for creating visionary war comics for EC Comics and the revolutionary MAD in the early 1950s. Kurtzman’s MAD vigorously and fearlessly lampooned American institutions, other comic strips, TV, film and advertising. He developed Alfred E. Neuman, MAD's moronic gap-toothed mascot, created the distinctive logos, drew many early covers and wrote most of the material for the historic first 28 issues, before leaving abruptly in a bitter dispute over equity with E.C. publisher William Gaines in 1956.
After MAD, Kurtzman created Trump, a lavish but short-lived satire magazine for Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner. Kurtzman followed with Humbug, an innovative but also ill-fated satire publication. In 1959 Kurtzman created Jungle Book, arguably the earliest graphic novel. His final magazine Help! gave the first national exposure to young cartoonists R. Crumb, Gilbert Shelton, Jay Lynch and Skip Williamson as well as to Gloria Steinem and Terry Gilliam. Kurtzman finished his fascinating career doing "Little Annie Fanny," a lavish color feature running in Playboy from 1962 until 1988. The comics industry’s Harvey Awards are named after him.

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art from Jungle Book, Little Annie Fanny and more:
All art is pen and ink on paper, custom FRAMED, unless stated otherwise.
More information on enlarged images.
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Kurtzman: Collaborations with other Artists
All art is pen and ink on paper, custom FRAMED, unless stated otherwise.
More information and prices appear on enlarged images.

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